Fashion as Art

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon I found myself at my sewing machine making this little fun beauty vest. It was my first time doing a flounce and it was really interesting to learn how to create it. I am not sure I did the best job but I am overjoyed at the results . This is a whimsical item that I will probably wear a lot and I LOVE Barbie! So here it is in all its glory my whimsical vest!


Makings of a Kaftan


Laying out the pattern getting ready to cut it out


All cut and ready to pin!


It will never look like this again as I cannot fold it back the way it comes out!                                     

I will post again when I get to the part that it’s pinned and see how it’s going I love this pattern and material so hopefully it stays on course for now this is what I’m up to and I will keep you posted with pictures later

New Years look 2017


New Year Look A h&m dress I bought last year for $19 that fit like a glove and very comfortable.A royal blue faux fur stole adorned with a brighter blue jewelled broach. My favourite part were the hot pink faux fur Pom Pom earrings! Topped off with a vintage inspired velvet fringe kimono.



My new Betsy bag an Xmas present from hubby.The purple and lavender flowers pop against the striped black and white background.Love, Love this purse!


I also wore my $7 #winners find. It is a black faux fur headpiece with Jewelled crown . I couldn’t live this hat more!


I wanted very much to create a vintage 1930’s type of eye look. I used Colour Pop’s eyeshadow in coconut and Colour Pop LAX liquid lipstick. Such affordable and highly pigmented products!