My Day at Dior

Wearing my handmade Bow brooch that I made and thought it was appropriate and Diorish


Waking on a gloomy November day in the woods outside peterborough  didn’t bother me because I was on my way to Dior Yorkdale. I was invited for a makeover with a small group of friends. There is nothing more fabulous then hanging out at the Dior station in the Cosmetics department! My memories of this department go way back into my childhood and basically has left a profound affect on my life, especially at Christmas time, the Cosmetics department was always decorated with white and silver trees, which is why I have one white tree and two silver trees decorated with my vintage ornaments.


I was invited by Dave Lackie  and it  was executed by  Darline Chalmer Public Relations and Makeup Artist for Dior and Anne Marie Makeup artist and teacher for Dior.When I heard the pop of champagne I know this makeover had begun! We were each assigned a makeup artist and mine was Daisy who was not only talented by very kind and extremely informative and explained each step exactly!




I was a tad obsessed with the Diorific Khol Powder Lipstick #991 and Daisy created the look around this shade!But Daisy had to take off the lipstick I came in first! I wasn’t brave enough to leave the house without any makeup on!


The look was created using the High Fidelity Colours and Effects In Magnify


Finished look and a Surprise Earth Elements necklace by Daniel . It couldn’t have been more appropriate or appreciated! Thank you Daniel!


I was absolutely thrilled with my look and learned so much about each product used.This group was wonderful! We talked and laughed and it just was afternoon that I will never forget, filled with great people interested in like minded things ! If this day wasn’t perfect enough, each guest received a gift bag of goodies!! Theses goodies are fabulous! We had a Dior Skin Air Flash Spray Foundation matched to us and is basically magic in a bottle!,a Flash Luminizer Radiant Booster Pen,Fix It 2 in 1 concealer ,a Backstage Pros Lip Sugar Scrub,a Rouge Dior Lipstick and a Dior Pump’n Volume.I am so wowed by this bag and I can tell you these products are incredible and will give you a go to look for everyday and or Christmas and New Years Eve.


Thank you to Dave Lackie and the Dior team for a fabulous makeover and the most absolutely fabulous experience with great people!This gift bag was extraordinary and I have started using immediately!



Daniel Murphy’s Jewelry Backyard Party

I must have be aligned with good fortune last week because I had the absolute pleasure of attending Daniel Murphy @djdrm1972 backyard BBQ celebration! The weather was perfect and so was his backyard. Bursting with flowers and multiple sitting areas and the handmade jewellery was literally hanging everywhere!! He had necklaces hanging in the trees  from the tent, not to mention the Judy displays bursting with necklaces , bracelets all made by Daniel!! I throughly enjoyed myself and was so present in the moment and sat and took it all in. Daniel had a beautiful feast with delicious desserts and a candy station to load up on for home!! If great friends, atmosphere, weather weren’t enough he had gift bags prepared to each guest to take home. Both my hubby and I had the best time, Hun meeting my Twitter friends for the first time. Thank you Daniel and Mike for a beautiful day surrounded by beautiful people and jewelry!!