Shiseido #ShareBeauty Experience

I was so very fortunate to have been invited to the second # sharebeauty campaign from Shiseido. Having been to the first event I thought I knew what I was expecting, I was wrong this event was nothing that anyone could have anticipated . It was as unique as the venue!


This Shiseido event was hosted by Dave Lackie and Shiseido Vice President Elaine Shigeishi at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Shiseido combines art and beauty along with Canada 150 Birthday with a limited edition Eudermine Body Oil. If that wasn’t unique and beautiful enough Shiseido collaborated with Montreal artist Alexandra Mackenzie to design the artwork for the packaging of this lotion.

It was a visual feast the moment I walked into the Red Room located in the Frank restaurant in the AGO. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect, red walls matching perfectly to the to the star of the show the Eudermine  Canada limited edition Body lotion . Art , beauty and culture the perfect trio!

The atmosphere was happy and the attention to details was incredible in so that Dave Lackie created a truly exquisite event and this was an extraordinary experience too!This time we were able to bring a friend to #sharebeauty which was so thoughtful and enhanced the mood to utter joy! My sister in law @kjsoldit was my BFF!


We had cocktails before dinner which gave us ample time for photos and mingling.With our host extraordinaire Dave Lackie and twitter friend @jenni40 and with Elaine Shigeishi.

Before dinner we were invited to preview products that are new and upcoming for fall. I was ooohhhh and awwwing as the Shiseido makeup artist displayed the Paperlight Cream Eye Colours,Inkstroke Eyeliner all of which come in a variety of colours with the most beautiful eyeliner tool!!! Along with their gorgeous lipsticks!!

Dinner was served! I had Wild Greens Salad with Sea Bream and sorbet for dessert! It was wonderful to eat and talk and we learned so much of the campaign through a Q&A from Dave and Elaine during dinner!

After dinner were given a beautiful gift bag with the artist artwork on it filled with goodies but I will get to that. We were given tickets to the AGO  to meet artist Alexandra Mackenzie and experience the first pop up night life and the beautiful art exhibit throughout the entire gallery. We were given a paper leaf to write what Canada is to each of us and had it placed on the tree in the gallery placed by artist Alexandra Mackenzie . We also sharebeauty in a letter to someone we love and it was mailed by Shiseido. I choose both my daughter’s Mya&Lola.It was awesome!! This event had so many layers it was incredible! It was so perfectly done and it was a full evening or beauty, art , food, friends, this event had it all from beginning to end!! This was our gift bag filled with beautiful products that I love and have been wearing .

Thank you to Dave Lackie , Cookie Gigan , Beth Anderson and Elaine Shigeishi of Shiseido for a remarkable and unforgettable experience that I will treasure forever!!


Love StoryChloe Eau Sensuelle


Chloe VIP Breakfast

I had the greatest pleasure attending the Dave Lackie VIP twitter followers event for Chloe’s LoveStory Eau Sensuelle perfume. This event was so closely detailed to the colours, flowers, gift bag tissue paper were reminiscent of the perfume bottle and notes that it created a scene that made you feel like you were in Paris. The venue was the Colette Cafe Grande whose architectural features were light and so ethereal that it created the happiest atmosphere I have ever seen.

Tables were lined with soft peachy hued flowers and the Love Story perfume bottles were under glass domes with a pale peach rose. Wow! Theses details were one of many that helped tell a story, a Love Story!!

We  were fortunate to have Dave Lackie and Diane Sonnenberg tell us this story. The bottle shape was inspired by a lock but not just any lock , a lock from the famous The Pont Des Arts! Thousands of padlocks are encased in that bridge as a symbol of love from around the world.

This perfume is light and feminine! It has its steadfast scent of orange blossom that is sweeter with notes of vanilla along with sandalwood. I can you it is divine!It has become my new go to perfume!!

There was a choice of breakfast entrees Buttermilk Pancakes or Eggs Benedict. I had the most delicious eggs Benedict with probably the best roasted potatoes I’ve ever had along with roasted tomatoes!!For dessert I had Petit Four with fresh fruits.

As if all this incredibly beautiful breakfast and great company and Speakers were not enough we were given a gift bag full of goodies. A 50 ml bottle of Chloe Love Story ,Sloane Blood Orange Oolong Tea, a Chloe notepad with a pouch containing a book mark in the shape of Chloe Love Story bottle and two light pink hued macaroons .Like I said, details, so  many beautiful details help telling this Love Story.

Clarins Open Spa

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    Water Comfort One Step Cleanser

    Let me start by saying this was my first cosmetic cocktail event ever in my  life! It was held at  Hudson’s Bay on the cosmetic floor ,Queen st Toronto. The cocktails were flowing as were the hors d’oeuvres ,everything was delicious and lovely people learning about Clarins Open Spa the first one in North America.It is equipped to host spa service in where you can get a full spa facial treatment . Thirty minute service for $35!!! That is very reasonable!The items I received in my gift bag are listed below !  I have been using these products for about a week .The eye contour gel is used  to reduce puffiness and dark circles under eyes . I suffer from dark circles and I have definitely noticed an improvement.The Beauty Flash Balm could not have come at a better time, as I now know the value of adding this to my beauty regimen, apply before makeup to brighten and tighten face.It can also be used as a facial mask.Truth be told I do use at night sometimes too!The Hand and Nail Cream is  heaven sent as my hands get very dry and skin around my nails crack.This  product solved that problem. I use at night and during the day.I also received aWater Comfort One-Step Cleanser that is plant based which removes makeup and cleans the face.This  is also part of my nightly routine and a cannot live without item!My holy grail item is Comfort Light Lip Oil!! I use at night and once you try you will never go to bed without this on your lips!!! Although you can use during the day as well, perfect for this time of year.I strategically waited until mid winter to start this system .January and February are months that affect my skin the most , partly from our cold environment and in part being overtired! I think we can all relate?I have been using these products each morning before makeup apart from the Instant Light Lip Oil which I use at bedtime! Thanks to Dave Lackie for the invitation and Clarins for an informative and the most unique cocktail party in a department store on the cosmetics floor! All my favourite things in one event, cosmetics,cocktails,   Hors d’oeuvres ,and great company!Be sure to stop by Clarins Open Spa to experience it for yourself.


Eye Contour Gel


Instant Light Lip Oil


Eye Contour Gel


Beauty Flash Balm


Hand and Nail Treatment Cream