Medusa Makeup Subscription Beauty Box for March 2017


Medusa Makeup has really stepped up their game this month! This month consisted of 4 products and one of which they introduced their new Lip Paint in the colour Get Lucky. I am so happy to report that this product is awesome and does what it says it will do! Stays on and has great pigment!and I love this colour!It is my favourite shade of pink !! I am very pleased with this because I dislike lipstick that doesn’t stay put!! Which brings me to my next product Lydia their regular lipstick that doesn’t stay put and I render this useless to me and usually give to my daughters. Now knowing that the lip paint is soooo great I don’t want this in my boxes anymore!I am glad that they kept a theme this month and provided a green glitter in Wasabi, it is beautiful and I love their glitter and will definitely wear. Although, I am hoping for a matte Eye Dust and a gel liner for next month!! My favourite third product was actually on my wish list for this month to the point where I emailed them to have it added to my box when I was told it was in this month subscription box! This is the Stick It, which is used  as a adhesive for their eye Dust. Very happy about this! Also, their cards that tell of the subscription boxes have improved as well! They are more informative, attractive and all in all are put together beautifully! It tells of this months value, Instagram post and win format which is new!! As well as there presence on Instagram is greater as well.All in all  this is a win win box with excellent value even in Canadian funds.image

Topbox March 2017

I was so pleasantly surprised with my march topbox this month!This was a full makeup box!!!!! No samples of foot creams etc, just three items but really great items. What made this box extra good was that i got my wish list items that were 2 Ofra eyeliners.Both the same colour Turquoise which is odd but I have been wanting to try this brand for forever so this was great, plus they are waterproof and can be used as lip liner as well! This colour is beautiful!These are seriously waterproof, smudge proof,they don’t budge!On their website each is priced at $17.51 Canadian!My third item was a Model co. Power Lash black mascara . It doesn’t say waterproof but here’s hoping it has stay power?On their website it was priced at $9 American for the small, however this is a large full size! Value yes!!!


Medusa Makeup Subscription for February 2017

This is my February Medusa Makeup Subscription box .


February 2017 box

This box contains a new item for the Medusa Company , a hot pink kabuki brush which is very soft and of very good quality. The second item is my very first highlighter which is a perfect accompaniment for the brush! The highlighter is highly pigmented and has a golden shimmering effect. I think this will work very well for me, especially this summer! The size is quite large and a loose mineral powder called Moonlight. The third item in this box was a wonderful Eye Dust called New Wave and is powerfully colourful.It is ,as well ,a mineral pigment loose eyeshadow. Both come with sifters and are easily applied! The colour is so vibrant and iridescent!

This being a February box I was hoping for some pink Eye Dust and/or glitter and was a little surprised when I saw the blue Eye dust but it’s very beautiful and I love it, perhaps the blue would have more appropriate for March? These are little concerns considering this box is entirely Makeup which is mostly what women or me anyways want in my boxes! Initially they promised 3-5 full size products in each box. Usually 4, never 5 and first time only 3. Thrilled there isn’t lipstick or lipgloss as I think they need to improve their formula is a understatement! But their forte is without a doubt their eye dust and glitter. This box isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely for me! I like neutrals but that exactly why I am loving the addition of these to my collection for variation! Not to mention the anticipation each month of what’s inside the box!!! Even with the exchange and shipping it’s still great value!!!!


Medusa Makeup Subscription January


    •  My Medusa Makeup box for  January got here in about three days which is great !I absolutely love my box this month except for the lipgloss !! This box included a Eye Dust in a Purple Rain as well a mineral Eye Glitter in Stardust! It also contains a maracuja oil and a lipgloss! I was thrilled about the Eye Dust as they are highly pigmented and wear well and the Oil is nice to have. I was hoping it would include their new lip paint as I do not like the lipstick or lipgloss. I always give it to my daughters and they like it!! I am very pleased with this all makeup box as I don’t always want samples of bath and  body products! I want makeup!! So I am staying put for now!

Vegan Lip Gloss


Mineral Eye Glitter Star Struck



Maracuja Oil



Eye Dust in Purple Rain

Medusa Makeup December Subscription box

I love this company's eye glitter and eye dust as the formula is highly pigmented and the colours are unique!You might want to get the glitter adhesive as it works like a charm. It came with a previous box!

Gold Digger Eye Glitter


Sugar Daddy Lipstick

This months Medusa Makeup Subscription box contains one of their new black mascaras, a pink blush, gold digger eye glitter,and a lipstick called Sugar Daddy. I love everything in this months box except the lipstick which I am not s fan of the formula! It doesn’t stay on and feels greasy to me but love the formula for everything else.




Witch Lash Black Mascara


Witch Lash Mascara

Good size blush with a mirror round compact.

Dangerous Liaison Blush


Gold Digger Eye Glitter


Sugar Daddy Lipstick

Medusa Makeup November Subscription Box


I was very excited to get this because it is my very first setting spray! Works like a charm!

This is it on! I love it! So emerald and iridescent! Yeah !

The bag this month was silver and took less than a week to arrive! It contained 4 full size products!


The bag this month was silver and contained a list of items!


The lip gloss was the big surprise because you could get purple or orange and I am glad I got purple but I am not a fan of glosses!

I love this Green Velvet Eye Dust! It is rich and beautiful for the holidays!!!

This is the lip and cheek stain. I will never put this on my lips but I absolutely love the colour for my cheeks so I am very happy to use this.

November Topbox subscription


Leave in conditioner


Smashbox’s black mascara


Dr Roebuck’s Pure cream


img_5766This is November’s Topbox, it’s actually my very first Topbox ! I love the smash box black mascara but my daughter scooped that up and I like the leave in conditioner and the cream is lovely! For $12 you can’t go wrong, although I hope to get more makeup items in the future .