Ethereal Tulle Dress

I have always wanted to try my hand at this type of dress. Ethereal and fantasy tulle type of dress. This is my first time working with tulle so we will see where it takes me, not sure where I will wear it to but at the very least I am Penny Dreadful each year for Halloween so it would be perfect for that !! I will post updates as I go along . I am in love with this colour combination. Perhaps it can be the beginning of more like this?IMG_7396IMG_7395IMG_7400IMG_7401IMG_7437

Makings of a Kaftan


Laying out the pattern getting ready to cut it out


All cut and ready to pin!


It will never look like this again as I cannot fold it back the way it comes out!                                     

I will post again when I get to the part that it’s pinned and see how it’s going I love this pattern and material so hopefully it stays on course for now this is what I’m up to and I will keep you posted with pictures later