Daniel Murphy’s Jewelry Backyard Party

I must have be aligned with good fortune last week because I had the absolute pleasure of attending Daniel Murphy @djdrm1972 backyard BBQ celebration! The weather was perfect and so was his backyard. Bursting with flowers and multiple sitting areas and the handmade jewellery was literally hanging everywhere!! He had necklaces hanging in the trees  from the tent, not to mention the Judy displays bursting with necklaces , bracelets all made by Daniel!! I throughly enjoyed myself and was so present in the moment and sat and took it all in. Daniel had a beautiful feast with delicious desserts and a candy station to load up on for home!! If great friends, atmosphere, weather weren’t enough he had gift bags prepared to each guest to take home. Both my hubby and I had the best time, Hun meeting my Twitter friends for the first time. Thank you Daniel and Mike for a beautiful day surrounded by beautiful people and jewelry!!




Ethereal Tulle Dress

I have always wanted to try my hand at this type of dress. Ethereal and fantasy tulle type of dress. This is my first time working with tulle so we will see where it takes me, not sure where I will wear it to but at the very least I am Penny Dreadful each year for Halloween so it would be perfect for that !! I will post updates as I go along . I am in love with this colour combination. Perhaps it can be the beginning of more like this?IMG_7396IMG_7395IMG_7400IMG_7401IMG_7437