Sewing a Vogue Vintage Coat (Formal)

I had decided that it being I’ve haven’t tried to sew a coat yet I would try my hand at this Vogue Vintage Car Coat and enter it into our local Norwood Fair that has a strong school and craft decision! It’s fairly major in that people enter from all around Canada, from baking , art , sewing, agricultural etc. This pattern was the most complicated challenge yet as I had a hard time with the gussets. I also had a hard time with the fabric itself was fraying terribly and I have to admit I threw it against the wall in a pile of pieces a few times!


I know now after two Vogue patterns that they are made with a long torso for tall women so I had to cut off six inches while in progress! Not the best time but not the worst time because it worked!

I chose a black men’s suiting fabric for the exterior and a crepe material for the interior. I thought the combination was perfect!

I think all the trouble this venture gave me makes me love this coat even more! I think to the time I threw it against the wall in a pile of pieces and I am amazed it in one piece! The fit , the fabric is so beautiful I cannot believe I made this! To top it off it won a blue ribbon coming in second prize at the Norwood Fair! I also entered my Barbie dress and a white overlay dress which both came in second as well!


After the Fair I decided that I didn’t like the sleeves as they were too short so I extended with a cuff and added a black button! Now it’s perfect! I love this Coat and am proud of myself for not giving up!



Fashion as Art

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon I found myself at my sewing machine making this little fun beauty vest. It was my first time doing a flounce and it was really interesting to learn how to create it. I am not sure I did the best job but I am overjoyed at the results . This is a whimsical item that I will probably wear a lot and I LOVE Barbie! So here it is in all its glory my whimsical vest!

The Jason Wu Effect

I had the greatest invitation to #JasonWu VIP Fragrance dinner hosted by Dave Lackie at Canoe restaurant located in centre of downtown Toronto . This event was the launch of Jason Wu’s  very first perfume titled Jason Wu.Upon arrival I was greeted by Dave who is always the most gracious host and makes everyone feel comfortable.I should say the first is also the incredible view of the city that the 54 th floor ,that only the Canoe can provide! It was breathtaking! Secondly, the displays of Jason perfume are scattered throughout the room amongst the white flowers that have the notes in his perfume.



Worker bees and friends @cookiegigan and @Bethanderson

Before taking it all in I was greeted by a lovely waiter carrying a tray of signature cocktails especially for this event. They were one of the tastiest drinks I have ever had!  The blush colour is reminiscent of Jason Wu perfume!Its these kind of details that Dave can put into an event like no one else can.


I had not had the privilege of smelling this perfume until that day and it is so pretty and light and is floral. Jason Wu had created this Fragrance with his childhood in mind growing up in Taiwan..His memories of jasmine vines were a steadfast presence and is so prevalent in his perfume.It has notes of pink pepper, fig, freesia, peony and musk. The combination of these notes are incredible and it really does have its own uniqueness. Now, The Bottle!!!! I cannot believe the substantial presence of this bottle. Yes it has its own presence because it is a piece of art in itself! It is thick one inch rectangular that is perfectly smooth even on the bottom, an aspect Jason was adamant about as he didn’t want the bottom of the bottle to have any lines showing the connection. A design detail that Perfumer Frank Voelkl and manufacturer executed to perfection, no lines!!! The 90 ml bottle is massive and is  topped with a gold circle and the combination of the smooth rectangular and circular gold lid is absolute perfection.



Dinner was wonderful!! The Canoe focuses on a Canadiana menus . My vegetarian diet allowed my tastes to flourish with a green bean salad starter followed by roasted vegetables entree, fresh  Niagara fruit on crème fraîche.

I had made my dress waiting for the right occasion to wear it and this was it! It was important for me to meet Jason Wu in my own design to perhaps make me feel encouraged that dreams can come true if you believe in yourself! It was comfortable and elegant at the same time!

It was a evening that brings familiar faces and new faces together to celebrate beauty in all its glory, this Jason  Wu Fragrance dinner was no exception! I think our senses were heightened in anticipation of meeting with this uber famous fashion designer that now can add perfumer to his already extraordinary career. Having had his dresses worn by Michele Obama, then First Lady of USA and so many famous people, the excitement was tangible. He was lovely and well spoken and we were lucky enough to have a picture taken with him. Each guest received a magnificent 90 ml bottle of Jason Wu to take home.It is a memory I will have forever!!! Thank you Dave Lackie!!!! And thank you to Cookie Gigan and Beth Anderson for this opportunity! Grateful, grateful,grateful!! Thank you!!



This was my order from Luv Your Skin Company 1) a foundation in the shade Sand , a Pressed powder foundation in the colour sand and a Lip Balm. This is my second foundation as it dries to a powdery finish which is my fave and I have reviewed it in a earlier blog post . The Pressed Powder Foundation is a new try for me and I have been away visiting family and have been using this for on the go and is nice for this time of year as it is powdery and sheer ,and has a mirror which is perfect so I’ve had it in my purse ready to go!! The lip balm is a protective emollient balm that protects and hydrates your lips. I use at  night only because I wear lipstick militantly but this  would be perfect for the pool and or beach day activity to keep your lips perfect!!

Another pleasant purchase from this Luv Your Skin Company! I cannot wait to try out more of her skin line care line !!! It’s really wonderful and addictive and keeps you wanting to try more.

Daniel Murphy’s Jewelry Backyard Party

I must have be aligned with good fortune last week because I had the absolute pleasure of attending Daniel Murphy @djdrm1972 backyard BBQ celebration! The weather was perfect and so was his backyard. Bursting with flowers and multiple sitting areas and the handmade jewellery was literally hanging everywhere!! He had necklaces hanging in the trees  from the tent, not to mention the Judy displays bursting with necklaces , bracelets all made by Daniel!! I throughly enjoyed myself and was so present in the moment and sat and took it all in. Daniel had a beautiful feast with delicious desserts and a candy station to load up on for home!! If great friends, atmosphere, weather weren’t enough he had gift bags prepared to each guest to take home. Both my hubby and I had the best time, Hun meeting my Twitter friends for the first time. Thank you Daniel and Mike for a beautiful day surrounded by beautiful people and jewelry!!




Ethereal Tulle Dress

I have always wanted to try my hand at this type of dress. Ethereal and fantasy tulle type of dress. This is my first time working with tulle so we will see where it takes me, not sure where I will wear it to but at the very least I am Penny Dreadful each year for Halloween so it would be perfect for that !! I will post updates as I go along . I am in love with this colour combination. Perhaps it can be the beginning of more like this?IMG_7396IMG_7395IMG_7400IMG_7401IMG_7437