Medusa makeup Subscription box(October)

  1. img_5423

    Eyelashes with glue


    Glitter with adhesive applied and the Red Square lipstick on !



    The “what’s inside” card


    Black glitter called abracadabra !


    The Fix

      This is my very first subscription box to medusa make up ! I’d like to say that it arrived so quickly and it is based out of Chicago and this is a all make up  subscription box . It seems only of lately that I seem to be hearing a lot about subscription boxes where I never really noticed them too much before but it seems everywhere I turn I’m hearing about subscription boxes .I think that I’ve found a good one . They promise 3-5 full size products monthly.This cosmetics company does not disappoint! Having already tried everything except the eyelashes, everything wears well, although I am used to liquid lipstick that stay all day and this didn’t, but it’s fun and my daughter will always love what I don’t! Having said that I am beyond excited to receive November’s box! The company just came out with coloured mascara so perhaps it might be in next box? Guessing is part of the fun!