About Me

I love beauty and fashion and have always had an affinity for expressing ones individuality through makeup and fashion. For years my makeup only consisted of red lipstick and mascara! Today older and wiser I love so much more of the entire genre!I like it all you name I am interested in it and learning more about the industry! I occasionally attend incredible VIP events hosted by the master of beauty Dave Lackie,whose events actually opened the door for my interests to blossom!
Fashion or the expression of ones self,is my first love ! Having been in the vintage clothing business since I was 17 years old set the path for me and I opened up shop in Peterborough many years ago. These days I am learning to sew and trying to get the ideas and visions in my mind into fruition! My fashion icons are Iris Arpel and Anna Sui! But I March to my own style!I sew vintage inspired glam accessories such as faux fur stoles and glam turbans.I am a work in progress and I love it!!!đź’‹.    These are a few of my handmade items!



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