Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance Launch Party For Scandal

It was probably the invite of the year,myself along with three other girls ,Emily,Vanessa and Eseeri were invited to the Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance launch party for his latest fragrance Scandal. The invitation was from the one the only Dave Lackie who is most definitely the kindest,gentleman whose events are legendary themselves. Dave Lackie is on air Beauty Expert for Cityline,Canada’s most famous running television daytime show. He is Davelackiebeauty on Instagram and Dave Lackie on Twitter where he has amassed hundreds of thousands followers. Dave is also Editor of his own online beauty magazine Beauty Departure.

Setting the stage for this event was surrounded in a bit of mystery as we were told of a performance but none of the details. For me this heightened many theories and peaked my interest to the maximum as my gal pal and fellow invitee Emily Mitton can verify. To be  honest,the suspecting started at the bottle itself,a dark fluid in a round base that resembled dark rum leading to a top of silver legs in a high kick stance. I immediately thought the legs were from the image of Jean Paul Gaultier muse Dita Von Teese,I was completely incorrect but more on that later. To be fair Jean Paul Gaultier does provide Miss Dita with his one of kind couture costumes for her Burlesque shows,so I think many would assume that. My other Goddess Rossey De Palma is headlining is his Freak Show and worked on his campaign for this fragrance as well.

As you can see ,the entry set the stage immediately. We were in for many treats of decadent glamour. We started in the cocktail room which in itself resembles that of Old French glamour with its round green leather booths with the table tops decorated with silver trays overflowing with pears,diamonds,peacock feathers and bottles and bottles of Scandal ,the star of tonight’s show. On the crowded floor,the cocktail French maids were serving signature cocktails reminiscent of the Fragrance,and champagne of course . The butlers looked debonair decked out serving exquisite appetizers .





We were lead through a long,narrow corridor-which was very cool and suspenseful that eventually brought us to another long narrow room in which we enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Garrick Griffith. He gave a terrific insight into the creative design and process for the fragrance and revealed the muse behind the legs was in fact Irina Shayk,Russian model.She is the lead character in the campaign. This is an portion of that campaign featuring one of my favourites Rossey De Palma,Brasílian actress,model ,friend and muse of Jean Paul Gaultier.





We were then led down another corridor which was even more narrow than the first ,anticipation is at its maximum,coming into full view an incredible statue of giant silver spinning legs(not captured) and a decadent bar show room circa old glamour mixed with dark gothic disco accents. It was a fabulous space. There was a stage with velvet curtains that on occasion would show us a peek of dancing legs.

This is where the party started. More cocktails,the coolest mini appetizers followed,following by the curtain opening to unveil French dancers that literally danced continuously on and off stage .The best part was the company we keep. I had the best time with my cohorts Dave Lackie,Em Mitton, Vanessa Stott,Simply Eseeri.Pic by Emily Mitton (Girls)

There were so many fabulous moments of the evening but the fragrance is the true star,as it is deep,dark like rum,sweet,sexy scent that has really captured me and I am wearing it on the daily . It has an enticing essence to it that has Scandalized me forever.



Thank you Dave Lackie for a fabulous evening celebrating the launch of Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance Scandal and thank you Girls for your fabulous company that gives me much pride to call you all friends. Thank you Garrick Griffith and team for an unforgettable experience.

Proof that I have been Scandalized…


Joseph Harwood x Jecca Blac Collaboration

It was a happenstance that would lead me to my discovery of Joseph Harwood’s You Tube channel titled Joseph Harwood. I started watching the most recent in where Joseph spoke of an exciting collaboration he was apart of that was coming to light soon. Fair enough. I started viewing his video history and quickly realized this young individual was a graceful talented artist speaking on much needed topics varying from his individual journeys,giving a real talk format with loads of information and encouragement. He speaks on many topics from his lighting techniques to skincare to his vast knowledge of makeup techniques. I think he was made for the camera as he is at great ease being himself whilst getting his message across in a informative,fun segment.

At this point I am so pleased to be learning about topics I too feel passionate about but haven’t experienced personally while learning more makeup techniques . This brings me to ,what a pleasure it is to learn makeup techniques skills without feeling the pressure to buy into all the  latest trends. This is a palette with integrity. I find there is a nice selection of people based in UK that are teaching channels,from my personal perspective.

Enter Jecca Blac. Joseph announces he collaboration with Jecca Blac a U K based company that focuses on teaching makeup techniques for those who are transgendering and for all people,even me with mature skin. I thought this was very exciting. Now Jecca Blac already having a palette,a Correct and Concel palette was clearly making strides in the makeup world,launching their new Sculpt and Soften Palette Collaboration with Joseph Harwood . I followed along the press dates via Instagram with Joseph and Jecca Blac always keeping up to date with the tutorials via you tube. I was so impressed with this dynamic duo and the concept behind the company collaboration ,I ordered the Sculpt and Soften palette with great joy,waiting upon its arrival to Canada.



I was thrilled to have my palette arrive ,it came with a booklet of thirty five pages detailing how it can be used for different purposes,a multi functional item with a clear message,makeup has no gender! I love this concept!!

Thank you to Joseph with helping me pick the perfect match ,shade Light with a warm undertone and it’s so perfect the first time I used the Soften shade as a foundation and the darker for my contour.

This palette is creamy with extra large square pans containing twelve grams of product with a net weight of 0.42 ounces,making it super easy to use .When applying it ,I thought how perfect it would be for traveling or vacation when you want to scale down on tools and products,this would be perfect one shop item to bring that would take you from day to night depending on application. The contour shade can be applied underneath your foundation for longevity.

Secondly ,i applied my usual foundation ,then using the the darker shade as a contour and placing in my eye crease line . I followed with Soften as my under eye concealer.I dabbed it on with my fingers.

I was very impressed with the formula and it’s versatility,I will be using it most frequently and will probably  order my younger daughter a palette because I think it also great for beginners that are young that want to experiment with makeup but are unfamiliar with the process,and the booklet allows them to follow along and take what you need or want from this palette .

Like I said, versatile.Important concept.Keep in mind”Makeup has no gender ” JH/JB I say always be kind. AdeleAWright

Palettes are available at and other retailers. Check them out on Instagram,Twitter,and You Tube for all the latest inspiration.

Versace Eros


I was ever so fortunate to have been invited to a Dave Lackie VIP Twitter dinner celebrating the launch of Versace Eros. This Event took place on  February 12th 2019 in the heart of downtown Toronto during one of the biggest snowstorms of that year but that did not stop us ,in fact it made the night even more special.

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Upon arrival of course we were greeted with beautiful fresh flowers and cocktails that were both reminiscent of the notes in the perfume Versace Eros that we were celebrating the launch of that night .Dave Lackie who is Beauty On Air Expert for Cityline,( Who we’re there filming for a segment on Cityline),Dave is also editor of his magazine Beauty Departure.Dave outdid  himself with this event as the elegance and decor was reminiscent of Versace’s  home in Miami. The room was filled with Palms,flowers ,fruit such as Mandarins  that are indicative of the notes in Versace Eros.We stepped into the World of Versace and it was gorgeous,many details defined ,like the balcony,the gigantic fireplace,the table setting,it had it all and the floral design was off the charts.



Margaret (September Dee )taking some pics of the beautiful table.

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Dave had also hinted at a surprise that didn’t disappoint .Its was also a launch for Moschino Toy 2 perfume. The bottle has its shape of a teddy bear,note the gummy bears in our cocktails,as I said details!



A fresh and floral fragrance with notes of Peonies ,Mandarin  and an earthy essence of Ambery Woods.Perfect for all seasons but I think Spring when I smell it.

The Star of the show was Versace Eros,a deliciously deep earthy fragrance with notes of Mandarin adding sweetness but maintaining its passionate main identity as a traditional masculine scent but can be worn by anyone. I have been wearing it daily. Although these two scents have similar qualities,they take on their own identity and are unique to it’s own true beauty.

Thank you to my wonderful friends that provide the best company and make it so much fun. Dave,Linda,Jeff,Nicholas,Mariola and Connie. So many more great people as well that I didn’t capture on film but equally interesting and lovely.

An unforgettable event that brought so many of us together during an epic snowstorm that made it that much more special. Thank you Dave Lackie and Versace Team for having me and sending us home with a gift bag that only can be described as the icing on the cake. Two beautiful fragrances Versace Eros Flame and Moschino Toy 2.






An afternoon at Dior

An Afternoon at Dior #LoveDior

I had the best luck,and when I say luck perhaps it was in the stars that I was invited to attend a Dave Lackie event celebrating Christian Dior for his #LoveDior  superstitions and Fortunes event held in none other then what I like to refer to has heaven on earth or more commonly known as the Dior Cosmetic Counter. I’ve always said Christmas in an iconic Department Store at Christmas time sends me right back in time to the seventies when I could barely see over the counter but revelled in all its glory. The white and silver trees that filled the first floor made such a lasting impression on me that I today have a white a two silver trees in my home at Christmas. Talk about beauty creating an impact.

Here we are forty five years later and I am at the Dior Counter in a department store feeling all that warm and fuzzy feelings again. This was an event created and hosted by Dave Lackie,Canada’s first and foremost leading beauty expert who shares his knowledge on Cityline monthly. He also is Editor and creator of his own Beauty magazine called Beauty Departure in which he shares insightful articles.

Luck and the stars alignment along with Dave’s invitation I was fortunate enough to attend this unique experience where he provided a fascinating talk with Natalie Atkinson Canada’s Fashion Historian and writer for the Globe and Mail along with Fortune Teller Dawn of Ki Sensations ,she is a Reiki Master,Medium,and Spirtual Alignist.

This Event was celebrating Christian Dior and his Superstitions and how he relied on his spiritual advisers for every major decision. When he stumbled upon a star that had fallen off a street carriage,he took it as a sign and kept that hanging in his studio for his entire career. The number eight was his lucky number,setting up his studio on the eighth floor,eight employees and always had thirteen models.



Christian Dior with his Spiritual Advisor 

Here I am with my new Spiritual Advisor Dawn.She gave the most wonderful reading at a perfect time and answered some of my questions I had from when I was ill in my coma. It was spiritually uplifting for me.


With the lovely  Natalie Atkinson who gave a delightful account of Christian Dior and his Superstitions with host Dave Lackie. Whose skills don’t end with beauty extraordinarie I think we can add baker to his already impressive list. He baked individual pumpkin tarts from his grandmothers homemade recipe and they were delicious.

This was such a unique event that had so many layers of personalities and information presented in such a way that I think each and every person had a wonderful time spent with like minded people who enjoy beauty,fashion and great company. It was wonderful seeing everyone happy and some including myself moved to tears of joy from our readings.Only Dave Lackie can put on a Beauty event that can create a lasting impression that is equally applicable to lasting friendships and future hopes. It was literally Past ,Present and Future,all of which was inspired by Dior and brought to our lives from Dave Lackie. Thank you!


With Connie,Linda,myself and Em ,photo taken by Daniel Murphy 

If wonderful friends,informative talk,homemade pumpkin tarts and a psychic isn’t enough we were gifted a beautiful Dior palette and Poison Girl perfume as well as the one hundred people received a complimentary Dior mascara Effect and Mini Miss Dior glass perfume. Thank you isn’t enough said to Dave Lackie to express the gratitude I feel. I feel very “lucky “ to have crossed paths with him and cherish all these moments that I have experienced from knowing him and can’t help but wonder if he is my lucky star that I have stumbled upon not walking on the street but walking on Twitter,only if for enriching my life ,by having him in mine.



Art and Beauty

I was so very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Shiseido event for a skin care launch and witness the collaboration of Shiseido and art  renowned  Japanese artist Yayoi  Kusama. Shiseido used one of her iconic polka dots print to adorn the makeup case as a gift with purchase for  Shiseido.

This event was hosted by Dave Lackie beauty editor and chief of Beauty The Guide and beauty expert on Cityline.

I hit the road heading for Toronto AGO ,where this evening event was taking place ,I knew it was going to be an unforgettable experience.Upon arrival,I was early so I sat at the bar and had a delightful sugar rimmed drink  it looks delicious even in the picture.


Met up with friends and we were  off to the closed private event  . As soon as i entered the low lit room the ambience was so artful with displays of one of the  stars of the show ,the new skin care Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream so elegantly displayed.

We enjoyed cocktails and  hors d’oeuvres and mingling with fabulous familiar and new guests . The venue was extraordinary as was the company and what lied ahead.

Yayoi Kusama Art Instalation

Yayoi Kusama is an recently turned 90  year old Japanese Artist That throughout her career has always had a obsession with dots in various mediums but tonight the focus was on her Infinity Of Mirrors exhibit. We were led in small groups through a series of art installations that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen ,mind altering and attention to details that are transforming to another dimension, infinity perhaps? Or at very least and beautiful place filled with colour,mirrors expanse.



A series of installations followed that were unique and basically out of this world creative. Kusama’s love or obsession with dots have created such a body of work ,through art,fabric,sculptures and I was fortunate to experience this first hand and I am forever impacted at her create genius. Thank you Dave Lackie and Shiseido for the opportunity to experience art and beauty,what a perfect pairing.

Each guest left with a goodie bag with the iconic red and white polka dot makeup case and a jar of new skin care cream

Thank you Dave Lackie


Dave Lackie


I couldn’t resist and I made this my new profile pic

My #FumeScentlounge VIP @davelackie event

VIP event introducing #fumescentlounge for the launch of Marc Jacob’s #DaisyTwinkle perfume

I was fortunate enough to win an invite to the Fume Scent Lounge event hosted by Dave Lackie and also introducing Marc Jacob’s new scents Daisy Twinkle. This experience was unique in that Fume Scent Lounge is the only one of its kind .

It was held in the cosmetics dept beside Mac Cosmetics and the mall. It’s design is extraordinary and lends itself to something out of the future as does its concept and technology.

Created by Dianne Sonnenberg   ,a  State of the art interactive touch screen guides you to help discover top notes that you are drawn to from a few questions to the Scent lighting up for you to smell along with three perfumes that are perfect for you. In my case it was 100% accurate as it choose my two Scents that I already own and love. The third is on my list of must haves now,it was the Bogetta Veneta.



It was a very special event in that it was the day before Valentines Day so love ,beautiful scents and wonderful people filled the room. We have Dave Lackie to thank for that ,his events are thoughtful and detailed like no one else can .The room was filled with displays of flowers and perfumes and the most beautiful Daisy Marc Jacob’s floral background



Drinks and  hors d’oeuvres  were constantly flowing throughout the room and it was wonderful speaking with people about the technology that worked for everyone!It was a learning experience that was unique and I don’t think I will ever pick a perfume anymore without referring to Fume Scent Lounge technology first!

It was a wonderful experience with wonderful people who care about beauty and sharing this experience and we were fortunate to have received a gracious gift bag with Daisy Twinkle perfume,makeup pouch and bracelets,how cute is that? Very sweet and generous indeed