Good Girl Scent Event

This week was unusual in the sense that I had two events to go to and the first being the Carolina Herrera launch of her perfume Good Girl hosted by Dave Lackie atop the Hudson Bay overlooking the city, in particular the iconic Toronto landmark sign and skate rink!

I arrive early as per usual which gave me the time I needed to walk around the iconic landmark Hudson Bay Christmas windows just as It was getting dark. This is my third year in a row being in the right place at the right time although next year I hope for my daughter’s to join me but I videotaped the windows  to show the girls. My favourite window was the tiny Fiat with a lit Christmas tree on top on it!


Time to head to  inside Hudson Bay where I met up with friends in the Cosmetics Department which is the best place to be and possibly My favourite place on earth! Friends that were  also attending the Good Girl Scent Event . As we anxiously await we decided to head upstairs for the event. Once there we were greeted with Good Girl cocktails, champagne and a flower that is no doubt a note in the fragrance! Dave Lackie is the best at the details that truly take his events to an over the top level of pure luxury!I was so happy and having fun I forgot to take a picture of the cocktails and I also was pleasantly surprised by a friend @jeffreysmith that stopped by!


The crowd was rowdy and the energy was contagious as I think we were just so happy to be there! So many wonderful people from Twitter and we all have a like minded interest in beauty! All thanks to Dave Lackie!


This brings me to the Good Girl Scent created by Carolina Herrera. It unlike any other in its design, I mean it’s a stiletto!! The scent does not disappoint as it is floral and moody yet remains feminine .


. It has jasmine,coffee and cocoa in it which gives it an earthy yet elegant combination! It’s really beautiful!


The dinner was delicious and the salad was a work of art in itself! Everyone had a wonderful time as we couldn’t stop talking and so many playful moments and memories!




As you can from theses photos no one was shy! This is @djrm Daniel Murphy with @sempteberdee and @mittionEmily Emily Mitton



As one would expect at @Davelackie  VIP Twitter event that people from all over the world were following along winning items throughout the dinner .

All in all this was an amazing experience,Event,Dinner launch that will go down in the books as a magical night with magical people in a magical place atop Hudson Bay! To top it off each guest received a Good Girl Scent to take home! It is absolutely a magical Scent!

I also wanted to mention I made everything that I wore to this event! My coat, dress and bow brooch was made by me! I can’t even believe that but it’s true and I loved that each piece felt comfortable but elegant with a very vintage feel!



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