Sewing a Vogue Vintage Coat (Formal)

I had decided that it being I’ve haven’t tried to sew a coat yet I would try my hand at this Vogue Vintage Car Coat and enter it into our local Norwood Fair that has a strong school and craft decision! It’s fairly major in that people enter from all around Canada, from baking , art , sewing, agricultural etc. This pattern was the most complicated challenge yet as I had a hard time with the gussets. I also had a hard time with the fabric itself was fraying terribly and I have to admit I threw it against the wall in a pile of pieces a few times!


I know now after two Vogue patterns that they are made with a long torso for tall women so I had to cut off six inches while in progress! Not the best time but not the worst time because it worked!

I chose a black men’s suiting fabric for the exterior and a crepe material for the interior. I thought the combination was perfect!

I think all the trouble this venture gave me makes me love this coat even more! I think to the time I threw it against the wall in a pile of pieces and I am amazed it in one piece! The fit , the fabric is so beautiful I cannot believe I made this! To top it off it won a blue ribbon coming in second prize at the Norwood Fair! I also entered my Barbie dress and a white overlay dress which both came in second as well!


After the Fair I decided that I didn’t like the sleeves as they were too short so I extended with a cuff and added a black button! Now it’s perfect! I love this Coat and am proud of myself for not giving up!




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