This was my order from Luv Your Skin Company 1) a foundation in the shade Sand , a Pressed powder foundation in the colour sand and a Lip Balm. This is my second foundation as it dries to a powdery finish which is my fave and I have reviewed it in a earlier blog post . The Pressed Powder Foundation is a new try for me and I have been away visiting family and have been using this for on the go and is nice for this time of year as it is powdery and sheer ,and has a mirror which is perfect so I’ve had it in my purse ready to go!! The lip balm is a protective emollient balm that protects and hydrates your lips. I use at  night only because I wear lipstick militantly but this  would be perfect for the pool and or beach day activity to keep your lips perfect!!

Another pleasant purchase from this Luv Your Skin Company! I cannot wait to try out more of her skin line care line !!! It’s really wonderful and addictive and keeps you wanting to try more.



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