Makeup Haul


Birthday Makeup Haul


OK where to start ?Firstly this is my first time buying this much makeup at once and that is mostly due to the fact that it was my birthday and some of these things were on sale. I put my order in at Sephora because I wanted to try their Benefit Push Up  Eyeliner because I need to find a replacement for my Mac Rebel Eyes gel liner which I love but I have to order online and there is a local drugstore that I can perhaps purchase the benefit liner a little more easily ,so I wanted to give that a try. I was also in desperate need of Tarte gel liner for the inner eye and I wanted to try their new sex kitten liner which is really great it’s pretty much exactly like their double take liner !I love it and I love the benefit liner as well which is nice, it has more of a rubbery end then the Mac which has more of a felt tip end. It being my birthday I received a free Tarte blusher and tart lipstick which was really great because they are a great size and I actually really love the colours!

I also bought the Cover FX illuminating setting powder,this was the only shade available for $12 and I think it’ll be better in the summertime when I have a tan but it’s actually quite nice in it and it’s not too too dark. So that was everything I purchased from Sephora .From Beautylish I bought the Beauty Killer palette by Jeffree Starr cosmetics ,they were having a 50% off sale so I jumped on this and

boy am I so glad I did !!!the colours are rich pigmented the pans are huge I’m thrilled and it was 50% off which is great. I love this pallet it has everything you could need in a pallet that has the wild colours, it has subtle colours and it has transitional colours, I love it !I absolutely love it. With this order I also added my Anna Siu Limited addition rouge ring in 200 and I’m so glad I did as I wanted this for such a long time it’s Black is beautiful it’s Anna Sui and it fits me perfectly so the sizing is one size and it’s not very big but I am so happy I got it I love it I wanted it forever !!! The last of my orders was from colour pop .I love colour pop lipstick !!!!The ultra matte is my favourite !!I bought four lipsticks ,two I’ve had before so I repurchased More Better and Notion and I’m trying out Wednesday ultra mattefor the first time and I’m also trying a lippie stix in Hello Pretty for the very first time



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