Clarins Open Spa

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    Water Comfort One Step Cleanser

    Let me start by saying this was my first cosmetic cocktail event ever in my  life! It was held at  Hudson’s Bay on the cosmetic floor ,Queen st Toronto. The cocktails were flowing as were the hors d’oeuvres ,everything was delicious and lovely people learning about Clarins Open Spa the first one in North America.It is equipped to host spa service in where you can get a full spa facial treatment . Thirty minute service for $35!!! That is very reasonable!The items I received in my gift bag are listed below !  I have been using these products for about a week .The eye contour gel is used  to reduce puffiness and dark circles under eyes . I suffer from dark circles and I have definitely noticed an improvement.The Beauty Flash Balm could not have come at a better time, as I now know the value of adding this to my beauty regimen, apply before makeup to brighten and tighten face.It can also be used as a facial mask.Truth be told I do use at night sometimes too!The Hand and Nail Cream is  heaven sent as my hands get very dry and skin around my nails crack.This  product solved that problem. I use at night and during the day.I also received aWater Comfort One-Step Cleanser that is plant based which removes makeup and cleans the face.This  is also part of my nightly routine and a cannot live without item!My holy grail item is Comfort Light Lip Oil!! I use at night and once you try you will never go to bed without this on your lips!!! Although you can use during the day as well, perfect for this time of year.I strategically waited until mid winter to start this system .January and February are months that affect my skin the most , partly from our cold environment and in part being overtired! I think we can all relate?I have been using these products each morning before makeup apart from the Instant Light Lip Oil which I use at bedtime! Thanks to Dave Lackie for the invitation and Clarins for an informative and the most unique cocktail party in a department store on the cosmetics floor! All my favourite things in one event, cosmetics,cocktails,   Hors d’oeuvres ,and great company!Be sure to stop by Clarins Open Spa to experience it for yourself.


Eye Contour Gel


Instant Light Lip Oil


Eye Contour Gel


Beauty Flash Balm


Hand and Nail Treatment Cream




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