New Years look 2017


New Year Look A h&m dress I bought last year for $19 that fit like a glove and very comfortable.A royal blue faux fur stole adorned with a brighter blue jewelled broach. My favourite part were the hot pink faux fur Pom Pom earrings! Topped off with a vintage inspired velvet fringe kimono.



My new Betsy bag an Xmas present from hubby.The purple and lavender flowers pop against the striped black and white background.Love, Love this purse!


I also wore my $7 #winners find. It is a black faux fur headpiece with Jewelled crown . I couldn’t live this hat more!


I wanted very much to create a vintage 1930’s type of eye look. I used Colour Pop’s eyeshadow in coconut and Colour Pop LAX liquid lipstick. Such affordable and highly pigmented products!




  1. Love !!!!!
    i love it
    i read it through Gail’s Blog xo
    can you put a subscribe button for your readers on the side in the widgets
    I don’t wanna miss ur posts xo
    Love xo Cat xxxx
    dm tomorrow on twitter and i can always help out xo
    wicked STYLE XO

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