Being the start of a New Year I want to focus on style and fashion more this year. A wonderful Twitter friend had mentioned my style and it made me wonder and think about style as a part of someone’s personality that sets them not apart,but expresses their individuality.A persons haircut and what they are wearing says a lot  about a  person’s interest perhaps a  certain decade that they love and cannot stop themselves from expresses themselves, as if they are drawn to it like a magnet , or a voice calling out to them! So this year I want to talk more of the things that come more naturally to me.My mission  is to sew more, create more, and talk and write about what I am wearing and why I like it! I will see where this takes me……. being inspired at the very least and perhaps inspiring someone else to take chances and wear what they feel like wearing without the fear of being made fun of for not looking like everyone else!Its no wonder I loved playing Barbie’s so much , it was a visual feast of expression and creativity! At 52 I still feel the urge to express myself through fashion and in doing so created my own sense of style.


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