Love the 1940s in Toronto for Iris Apfel at Holt Renfrew 

  • In Toronto for the Iris Apfel event at Holt Renfrew for Swarovski as she is the Ambassador for Swarovski.The little pink bag is a handmade faux fur stole that I will give Iris Apfel. As this is my first time at Holt  Renfrew I could not resist going to the Charlotte Tilbury counter .I have been coveting some of her products for a very long time, in particular her perfume Scent of a Dream.It is heavenly.This event was also to support the Childrens Wish Foundation .I knew exactly what I wanted ….. that perfume! Her counter is divine and you feel like a movie star as her mirrors and display is very reminiscent of the old Hollywood!Her lipstick are beautiful! Switching is so fun and now I know what colours I am lusting for now!These are just a few swatches of  Charlotte Tilbury matte lipsticks.The darkest on right is called Hells Bells. On my must have list now! The Louboutin lipstick display counter below is very beautiful! A swatch of a matte lipstick is velvety smooth!The Louboutin Display is brilliant!! This swatch is beautifully matte.Taking a break in Holts Cafe enjoying the view!Ran into my Twitter friend @linlett60! In line for Iris Apfel.We are the first in line!The moment that I was waiting for… I cannot believe that I had the opportunity to meet her!She is Fabulous!!!The models wearing Swarovski. Iris Apfel is the Ambassador for the brand.Yep… I did it!! I purchased Scent of a Dream with part of the proceeds going to the Children’s Wish Foundation! I will stash away as my Xmas present!The bottle design is the best I have ever seen reminds me of a Jeannie bottle!The smell is Devine! I really am captivated by this scent. Charlotte Tilbury insists it can change the energy frequency of the people and environment around them. I think she is spot on!Ignites a psychological, fleurotic frequency in someone’s enemy, power and positivity to the wearer. Those are her words and I without doubt agree!



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